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May 12th-14th 2017

As irreverent as it is inspirational, the endearingly eclectic YaxFest returns in 2017.  This massive FREE party is Cambridgeshire’s most exciting goodwill-powered family entertainment event. Truly a gathering that defies categorisation, the madcap mashup of culture, community, heritage and sports has entertained tens of thousands since its launch in 2013.

Throwing everything including the kitchen sink into the event, a team of volunteers on a mission have created a juggernaut that has become the benchmark for regional entertainment events. YaxFest is a music festival, a country show, a classic car meet, a funfair, a sports tournament, a heritage fair and so much more.

Join us in 2017 as once again we showcase local talent, provide family entertainment and celebrate our rich local history. Support our local community groups who will be looking to raise money and awareness and enjoy an unforgettable, fun-packed weekend.

Yaxley Festival
Eco Innovation Centre
City Road

Patron: Shailesh Vara

Patron: Shailesh Vara

MP North West Cambs

Patron: Warwick Davis

Patron: Warwick Davis

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Highlights from 2016

Playing in 2017

yaxley-festival-logo-200pxYaxley Festival was founded by Stewart Howe and Mark Oliver in 2012.

The idea was to stage a free annual community event that incorporated attractions and activities to appeal to every age group, embracing community, heritage, education, culture and sport. The organisers plundered the rich folklore and tradition of Yaxley to resurrect the village’s ancient May Fair and blend it seamlessly with the modern aspects of the event.

After founding the Yaxley Festival Committee in the same year, Howe and Oliver assembled a group of like-minded individuals and set about the task of staging the event, which was a resounding success in May 2013. With three successful events under their belt the YaxFest team looks forward to an evolution as the fourth event approaches.



  • 2013 David Peacock
  • 2014 Lee Cox
  • 2016 Malcolm Delegate
  • 2017 Ricky Kemp

Sap-engro played by Paul Gooding
Copperface played by Chester Oliver

  • Owen Barker
  • Hayley Burroughs
  • Suzanne Delegate
  • Justine Eldred
  • Teresa Fairchild
  • Josie Leaford-Howe
  • Julie Howe
  • Stewart Howe
  • Sally Howell
  • Shelley Jude
  • Mark Oliver
  • Christine Oliver
  • Deborah Parish
  • Michelle Parish – Nottingham
  • Syreeta Payne
  • Alec Pickles
  • Julia Pickles
  • Melanie Watson
  • Andy Wright


  • Luke Weston (Sports & Education)
  • Lee Alberga (Technology)
  • RTC Plant Services Ltd (Logistics)


  • 2013 Stewart Howe
  • 2014 Mark Oliver
  • 2016 Sally Howell

A special thank you to all of our volunteers and retired members of the committee including (in alphabetical order):

Chris Bolton, Moira Bussey, Louise Cox, Andy Gordon, Kevin Gulson, Ann Rees, Jenny Rhodes, Chad Sunderland, Sue Windle, Andrew Wood

Whiskey Twist to make YaxFest debut

We are excited to announce that Whiskey Twist will be playing YaxFest in 2017! Whiskey Twist was formed in early 2014. The band consist of all local musicians from the Cambridgeshire area and are based in the town of March. The band is made up of previous members...
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Groove Cartell to return in 2017

Groove Cartell have supported YaxFest from the beginning and have proved to be a fan favourite since they first lit up the stage in 2013.  We are delighted to see them return in 2017! Groove Cartell have performed UK wide, previously as a 9 piece band but now as a...
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Countdown to YaxFest IV








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