Yaxley Festival is more than an event, it’s a core component of a community development programme that continues to deliver REAL SOCIAL IMPACT. 

The project was designed by Stewart Howe and launched in 2012 with the support of a team of volunteers. Residents, organisations, institutions and local businesses were invited to collaborate on building a free festival designed with zones reflecting different aspects of the community.  In May 2013 the event debuted with huge numbers of visitors and a format that shocked and delighted residents with the scope of ambition and scale of delivery. 

The result of the first festival was the creation of a new super agile community organisation called the Yaxley Partnership, a consortium of individuals who have teamed up to deliver a host of successful initiatives, projects and events. These include Yaxley Youth Club, regional heritage organisation The Fenland Trust, a heritage plaque scheme, Fen View Heritage Centre, Neighbourhood Watch, Community Speedwatch, the Yaxley Youth Memorial, arts events, get togethers and much more, including the incoming Yaxley Youth Cafe. The Yaxley Partnership has also donated free websites to local groups, charities and three parish councils and has been instrumental in developing member organisations, creating growth and increasing social impact.

We are excited to announce that the Yaxley Festival and the projects it has spawned has been recognised in the halls of Westminster and our team is now collaborating with Lord Bird, founder of THE BIG ISSUE on the SOCIAL ECHO project. 

Top: Young Technicians CIC,  Beverley Nichols Memorial, Gemma’s Hearts CPR Training
Bottom: , Fen View Heritage Centre, Community Christmas Meal 2019, YaxFest Community Zone